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St. Michael's Multicultural
Anglican Church

Brothers & Sisters Living Together in Unity

In Mount Pleasant since 1889

Church Daycare

Daycare Program

St. Michael's Church offers a safe and affordable daycare program for children aged 3 to 5.
Children under the age of 3 are accepted when space is available.

Enrolment in St. Michael's Daycare can be either full-time or part-time.
Most of our children come from single parent, low-income, and young parent families.

All of our staff are trained and certified in Early Childhood Education (ECE).

Children at St. Michael's Daycare are provided with daily, balanced, nutritious meals.
Every effort is made to accommodate special dietary requirements.

Activities and Services Offered

  • Story time with staff from the Vancouver Public Library.
  • Indoor playroom.
  • Outdoor playground.
  • Indoor nap area.
  • Field trips around the lower mainland.
  • Seasonal/holiday celebrations.
  • Free check up with dental students from a local dental program.
  • Free check up with an eye specialist from a local optometry clinic.
  • Speech therapy is provided for children with speech challenges.
  • Support is provided for children with behaviour issues.

A large focus of the curriculum at St. Michael's Daycare is on basic hygiene skills, sustainable living, and cultural awareness and diversity.

Contact St. Michael's Church for more information on our daycare program.